Lubang Kunci (2020)

TV Series | Horror, Thriller | 20 Minute |  6 Episodes

6 November 2020
℗ MAXsteam Original

Tells a story about a family with three kids that experiences strange things after they moved to a new house. This family are often bothered by eerie and frightening incidents, and the life of one of the child is at risk!

Story: Melly Goeslaw • Executive Producers: Nirwan Lesmana, Krisnawati • Co-Executive Producers: Aris Sudewo, Anto Hoed • Producers: Ayu Paramita, Ria Imelda, Melly Goeslaw • Edited: Arvi Putra, Hedy Suryawan • Music: Anto Hoed • Scriptwriter & Scenario Development: Evelyn Afnilia, Melly Goeslaw • Director: Hedy Suryawan

Cast: Wafda Saifan, Kinaryosih, Achmad Megantara, Michelle Joan, Alessandro Giannini, Salsabilla Zahra FP, Randa Septian, Oxcel